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External engineering ensures competitive advantage

SCHMID mme engineering services do not require the customer to have their own R&D department, instead they are delivered on a per-project basis — at predictable cost and a well-defined timeframe. Well-trained employees and a high standard at the hardware lab are available as long as customers require — all engineering expenses being limited to the timeframe you need.

This approach enables customers to enjoy most advanced technologies and processes without investing into their own R&D department, human resources, or laboratory.
SCHMID mme have been using this proven approach for nearly 25 years, delivering top customer satisfaction.

Implementing successful projects that excel at the market is the key to SCHMID's large number of recurring customers— why not become one of them?

The mme Module Concept

The amount of engineering provided is entirely up to our customers.
Not only can SCHMID mme provide turnkey solutions, any service can also be booked independently — be it hardware or firmware design, conducting a feasibility study, or implementing a mobile app.

Our workflow provides a wealth of interfaces to import you data from the tools the customers use or export it back to them.


Taking well-informed decisions at project start

In order for a project to run smoothly, identifying key points and building a well-defined roadmap make sure the project achieves all goals, meeting budget and timeframe.

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Top quality engineering

Highly skilled employees make sure to meet time and budget while implementing product ideas and applications.

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Identifying bugs early

Despite of high complexity built into current applications, formal test tools and numerous test cases make sure the final product is bug-free.


From prototype to volume production

Turning a functional prototype into a product ready for volume production involves setting up manufacturing processes and building all test tools required.

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Life cycle management

Maximizing product lifetime

Firmware updates and upgrades, hardware redesign, obsolescence management