Programmable Logic and SoCs

Not everything called "programmable" needs to be a processor.

There is a large portfolio of programmable logic devices and SoCs available, extending the range of programmable solutions well above the complexity and number-crunching power that processors can handle, but also well below the lower end of processor-driven applications.

Programmable Logic Devices

Programmable logic devices, mainly FPGAs, offer efficient solutions to many applications:

  • Implement high-density logic functions
  • Implement real-time signal processing algorithms
  • Consolidate distributed glue logic into a single device

SCHMID mme implements FPGAs manufactured by Xilinx or Lattice using VHDL or schematic entry, or a combination of both.
Lower complexity programmable solutions can be implement using Silego devices (now part of Dialog Semiconductor).


Systems on a Chip

Higher integration levels can be implemented using Systems-on-a-chip that include:

  • Processor
  • Interfaces
  • Analog circuitry
  • Programmable Logic
  • Application-specific peripherals (like RF transceivers)

Processors may be implemented ass a hard core or synthesizable soft core.

SoCs are most suited for high-volume and/or space-constrained applications.