Precise sensing of electrical, mechanical, physical, chemical, or environmental parameters and properties is crucial to many SCHMID mme applications.

Electrical properties

When it comes to sensing electrical properties, primarily voltage and current are the obvious choice.

Covering standard use cases is pretty straightforward.
But what if the parameters to be sensed become very large or very small? Need to measure microamperes or kilovolts? Need to quantify high AC and DC power with high precision?

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Mechanical Properties

Micromechanical sensing (MEMS) has become very popular and powerful, while cost is ever decreasing.

Accelerometers, inclinometers, magnetometers, inertial units create an impressive portfolio of possibilities to capture data, but also for operators to interact with devices by tilting, pressing, knocking on, or even throwing them.

Physical Properties

There are so many physical properties to be sensed like temperature, pressure, magnetic field, brightness, or color — SCHMID mme designs sensing circuits for all of them according to customers' requirements.

Need a lightning or UV sensor? No problem!

Chemical properties

Conductivity or pH sensing can be implemented as well.



SCHMID mme designs laboratory-grade instrumentation devices:

  • Multimeters
  • Function and arbitrary generators
  • Frequency counters
  • Power supplies

Our hardware laboratory features a calibrator in order for all measurements to be traceable to international standards.


Instrumentation devices engineered by SCHMID mme are processor controlled and can be calibrated in software.

In order to remotely control instrumentation devices, protocols like SCPI or LXI can be implemented, using LAN, USB, or serial interfaces.