Data Transmission

Be it wired or wireless: Data transmission is the interface to nearly any application.


A multitude of wireless interfaces can be implemented to customers' needs.
Just to name a few:

  • Bluetooth (Classic and Low Energy)
  • ZigBee
  • 6LoWAN
  • WiFi
  • NFC

Many of these interfaces are built on well-tested, widely adopted, yet complex protocol stacks.
SCHMID mme makes available all of these technologies to nearly any application, regardless of manufacturing volumes, using pre-certified hardware modules with integrated firmware as appropriate.

Expect comprehensive knowledge about the protocol details from any of our engineers — because only those interfaces thoroughly understood can be implemented with confidence.


Many wired interfaces have become mandatory to numerous applications:

  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • CAN
  • RS-485/422/232

The well-known and omnipresent USB interface has received several feature upgrades over time. Complexity inherent with USB (hosts, devices, device classes, On-The-Go, Charging, Power Delivery and more) required detailed knowledge in order to master this interface successfully.

The Ethernet interface is currently transitioning from TCP/IP v4 to v6.
This new protocol generation will be integrated into nearly every application soon.

As a matter of course, SCHMID mme have registered their USB Vendor ID and their block of MAC addresses with the respective authorities.
See our USB Vendor ID here:
Search for our MAC addresses here: