Advance Development

In Advance Development, SCHMID mme identifies key points and questions

  • What are the key features of the product like?
  • Which technical components and processes will achieve the feature set required?
  • Which is the estimated bill of materials cost?
  • How long will engineering take?
  • Are there third-party patents to be considered?


SCHMID mme supports customers in writing a requirements specification, and deriving a functional specification from there.

Being involved in project definition as early as possible, SCHMID mme project efficiency is highest.

Your product idea

Target specification

Customer defines target specification.

Human resources being allocated, project management being set up.


Studying feasibility of an application makes sure technical, and commercial requirements will be met.

Potential risks are being identified, project plan being generated.

Functional specification

The functional specification is made up to show which technical components and processes are expected to be used in order to implement the requirements specification.

The functional specification is signed off by both parties.


Product Development commences.