Internet of Things


An ever increasing number of devices are becoming networked — namely, but not just those in the Consumer market.

Networking opens a full wealth of new possibilities for innovative products:

  • Wireless, distributed sensors and actuators
  • Remoter access solutions
  • Smart home


Mesh technologies enable large-scale distributed device networks.

Powerful connectivity using LAN, WiFi, or Bluetooth protocols requires complex protocol stacks to be implemented, leveraging firmware complexity significantly above those of earlier designs.

Using systems on-a-chip (SOCs) and modules where appropriate, in conjunction with powerful real-time operating systems, relieves system designers from implementing everything from scratch. This way, SCHMID mme unleashes the full power of connectivity, still meeting tight engineering budgets.

Safety and Security

Product safety, as well as security, is crucial to any networked product:


The device does not present a safety risk to other devices or its data.


The devices resists agains security threats from other devices.

Just adding a network stack of an evaluation board, and voilà — there's the networked application: This is not the preferred way at SCHMID mme.

Instead, SCHMID mme prefers using field-proven, industrial quality protocol stacks with low resource footprint and compact code size, and enabling 100% test coverage fo highest safety, security, and reliability ratings.