Processor architecture is key to device functionality — Select from many architectures to match product requirements.

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Programmable Logic and SoCs

Unleash competitive advantage by cleverly applying programmable logic.

Protect know-how from prying eyes, reduce footprint and cost.

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Application versatility often stems from its variety of analog and digital interfaces.

Benefit from standard interfaces, as well as application-specific designs.

Data Transmission

Wireless interfaces like Bluetooth or NFC considerably enhance application feature sets.

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SCHMID mme has been providing analog circuit engineering for many years.

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Providing sensor signal processing for electrical, mechanical, physical, chemical, and environmental properties.

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Powerful optoelectronic circuits enhance lighting applications as well as data transmission.

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Latest CAD technology

SCHMID mme uses Altium Designer 20 as their preferred ECAD tool, one of the most advanced CAD systems currently available.
Designer 20 offers support for large, hierarchical designs featuring multiple circuit boards, and equally focuses on lower complexity, cost-efficient applications.

Rigid, flexible, or a combination of both board technologies can be implemented, including impedance control, length matching, and signal integrity checking.

Designer 20 features comprehensive 3D support, with all library components being enhanced with 3D models.
Various MCAD interfaces are available.

Cost estimation can be performed at very early design stages.

Designer 20 generates high-quality manufacturing data and documentation, to be imported easily by all contract manufacturers.